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  1. Just read your entire archives – wow, what an experience! Fabulous photos too. I can identify with the lady who said she was part envious and part relieved that she’s too old. Aren’t you saddle-sore?! Think I’d take the advice of the guy who suggested covering the distance in a small car – or maybe an RV. Your entries are fascinating – keep up the good work. As Grandad used to say: “Happy Trails!” God bless, Jenny

  2. We admire your courage and determination of your trip.
    Please get in touch with us.
    Mark and Barbara

  3. wow, what an inspiration you 2 older people are for us of the younger generations of america. To think you can go on an adventure of this magnitude and not cheat along the way is heartwarming. To have it rubbed in my electronic face from so far away from such a nice place is too dreamlike for me to judge. As the days go by and you get more muscle mass, keep thinking of how your journey, passed on in such a national geographic kind of way , is keeping me going through all these cold days of winter outdoor construction work, toiling for the man. Following your travels, Mike

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