Starting Out

Carbondale, CO


Prudhoe Bay, AK

Ralph and Pat on their way.

Getting to the highway.

On the highway.


On their way.



  1. Happy trails! I will be checking in on your adventures, I’m sooooo JEALOUS, not that I could do it 😉 but what fun. Have a safe trip! Keep in touch also, Love to the both of you, Barb

  2. Hey you guys. I left you a comment yesterday but it didn’t seem to post. Send instruction!

  3. Okay, now I get it. You have to put YOUR website in the “website” space. The essence of my comment yesterday was that I hope you guys have the time of your lives – I’m jealous! Let me know when you’re out of bear territory and headed for an awesome downhill so I can join in! From Girl to Girl, Pat you Rock! Safe travels and keep us posted on your journey – I’ll look forward to hearing about it! Love to you both! Dalene

  4. We are so excited for you both and wish you well along this incredible journey! Can’t wait to hear how the first leg is going! Love, Kristi, Mike, Ethan, Hannah and Abby

  5. Pat and Ralph,
    I had thought it would be easier to figure out how to insert a picture on your blog, but I see nowhere to do it. Email us at: jmspangler1@earthlink.net to give us instruction. Thanks. Margaret and Jerry

  6. Hi, just talked to kristi, she didn’t know if you got her note so I will try. Hope all is going well for you. Hope your weather is ok. We are fine here. tried to call crystal but missed her glad we can keep in touch. Be looking forward to your mail. LOve mom

  7. Ralph,
    I hope you remembered to pack a case of Duct tape for any medical emergency that might arise!
    Good luck and keep your website up so we can cheer you on.

  8. how are the bugs pat you must be getting sooo skinny make ralph tandem bike pull you monk

  9. Awesome guys!!!! Sounds amazing so far.

  10. Way to go, The pictures look great. It sounds like an fantastic journey. Keep up the peddling. Love Dennis, Mari, Riley and baby.

  11. Pat and Ralph,
    I couldn’t believe it when Riley told me what you two were doing and told me I should check out your web page. (thanks to Dennis who sent me the link.) Sounds like a awesome trip!
    Have fun and be safe.

  12. It looks like you two are having an incredible time up there. We wish we could be riding right along side with you.

    Theresa & Ben

  13. ralph and pat, cant wait for more pictures. will be in ouray til aug. 30 then may be able to hook up for some riding. been working like donkey, need a change! how is the sleeping with the sun up all night? will follow closely now that i’ve found your site. mark

  14. Hi, I received your post card for my birthday. I am glad you could stop and have ice cream to celebrate my birthday!! I hope it was good. We are glad you have this website so we can keep informed of your progress. Take care and we will be thinking of you. Love, Lisa, Troy, Zac and Zeb.

  15. Hi Pat & Ralph:
    Toni is working today so I guess I’ll enjoy your description of your travels to date–isn’t it GREAT country. The section between Haines Jct and Haines, AK. will be just super-even though you have a fairly high pass to get over! Don’t miss Skagway-reminds me some of Estes Park.
    Summer is going fast for us-don’t even know if we’ll make AK. this summer. Keep up the “FUN” Sounds like you are!!
    Forrest and Toni

  16. Hi Ralph and Pat
    Sounds like the trip is going we. Glad you 2 are having a good time. Dude I don’t know how many calories your burning, that is enough food to last a normal person 2 days. When do you go to bed and get up in the morning? Just curious because of the light.
    Don’t let the mosquitoes carry you off.

    Keep up the good fun and adventures.
    Hiedi and Greg

  17. Hello Pat & Ralph

    Thanks to Kristi, we are keeping up with your travels through your website. What a wonderful adventure for you both. We just spent the weekend camping with Kristi & family, and Richard and Alice. We were along to cheer for Kristi as she completed a “sprint” triathalon. She did awesome! You would be proud of her! We will watch your progress and pray for your safety. Have a wonderful trip.

    Jeri & Bob

  18. Aloha Pat and Ralph, we are so excited about your travels and adventures, it sounds like your journey continues to go well and we hope that continues. Hopefully no close encounters with Bears or UFOS….Lots of Love Jim and Linda

  19. Jen & Kim (aka-bush in the bush) at work. Wish we were pedaling with you guys instead. Good luck on the next leg of your journey. We are living vicariously through you. Love ya!!!!!

  20. Hola!

    As we anticipate the upcoming Polar Star trip there’s actually some concern about snow…none has fallen for several days and the sun has actually appeared for longer than a couple of hours…rare this winter. Intend to take some pictures on hut trip to show the others your shenanigans at the bottom of the world. Chile looks like the road behind your house! Really do miss my bicycle during winter months. You guys will be back about time to start riding in Moab so shouldn’t have withdrawal symptoms!
    Happy new year, Mark.

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