Distance Traveled

7/1/07…..1,000 miles

7/15/07….1,600 miles

8/11/07…2,516 miles

8/26/07….3,001 miles

9/20/07… 3,740 miles

9/29/07… 4,120 miles (1/5th of the total distance!)

10/13/07… 4,391 miles

1/21/08….6,440 miles

(Total Distance: ~20,000 miles)



  1. Hi! Wow, you’ve already gone over 10% of the miles. It all looks and sounds sooooo great!

    So, where do I find specs for the bike I’d need to join you, or would my Rock Hopper do? Maybe next year??
    I am off to Colorado and So Dak on Thursday (8/23) for vacation and fly back 9/2. Hope to meet up with Alicia and Crystal. Enjoy! Bike on!!

  2. Really enjoy reading about your travels, especially since a knee and ankle injury sidelined me for two valuable months. The lake and waterfall camping sounds wonderful. Health and happy trails. Judy in Fairbanks

  3. Wow, I can’t even image what that feels like to have done so much in so little time!
    Congratulations on following your dream and sticking it through.
    Keep on go-in on and on and on!

  4. Hi guys, We rode across the Sea of Cortez with you on the “loveboat” and had a visit in the Plaza in Mazatlan as you were heading further south. Really enjoy traveling along with you–great narative and glad you have Honduras behind you. C

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