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  1. Glad to see that you’re on your way. Looks pretty flat were you are. I’m sure the scenery will get better as you go. It is kind of hard reading the web page because of the dark colors or I’m going blind (you know the reading glasses thing).

    I’ll look forward to your next update.

    You guys rock!!

    Until next time

  2. Ralph and Pat,
    It was so much fun to read about your travels since we saw you on our way down the Haul Rd. We were at Coldfoot probably the day before you were. Did you stop at the restaurant at Yukon Crossing, where a bear broke in and trashed the place a few years ago? It was a fun story to hear and read.
    We finally had rain for the first time on our last day of the road. That’s good, because it would have sucked to have all that mud and slop all the time. Dust was bad enough, but not as bad as mud.
    I am now home in Colorado, and Jerry is fishing with friends. He got King salmon which will be sent to us.
    Hope your trip continues well. I didn’t think you would have any trouble with Atigun Pass. But it makes me laugh to read that it was all downhill after that. I remember us driving uphill quite a bit, up and down, further south on the Haul Road. I guess it has to be a high pass to count as uphill for you veterans. I think we saw the recumbent bikers, too. I remember talking to people from Australia, but I don’t think it was the recumbent bikers.
    I look forward to reading more on your blog.
    Margaret Spangler

  3. Hi, Pat & Ralph, was glad to hear all is going well for you, sounds like you are seeing some great country. We went to kristi’s tryathlon by st. cloud this week end it was really hot but she did fine. Today is Dwane’s birhtday and yesterday was the twins b-day they are 12 now. The Wanzek reunion is over, Dorothy and Gary came from az. ,and Lupy they drove.We finally got half inch of rain last nite has been hot and windy before but is cooler now. Talked to crystal again sounds like she is busy. Guess we are going out to Dwane’s a little while tonite so will close for now. Take care LOVE YOU MOM & DAD

  4. Been checking for updates…..there aren’t any.!!?? Where are you at now? Had my 30th class reunion last night, had a great time. Jodi made it back so I kept her out until 4:00 this morning. I’m getting too old for that 😉 We had a pretty good turn out. We had it up at the fair grounds beer garden. Beautiful night for it, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer night. Keep us updated on your travels. Have a great time, and be safe! Barb

  5. Pat & Ralph

    Tried this comment but don’t think it sent. Will do it again. We got your website from Kristi so can follow your trip. What a great experience for you both. We just spent the weekend camping with Kristi & family and Richard & Alice. We were there to cheer Kristi on as she competed in a “sprint” triathalon. She did awesome! You would be proud of her! We will be watching your progress and praying for your safety. Have a wonderful trip!

    Bob & Jeri

  6. Hello to you!

    Hope all is well and very interesting! Back home we have beautiful days as usual and we’re getting ready for mountain fair per the normal yearly routine. I hope to have a brief conversation the next time you call in to work here! We’ll talk to you soon, hopefully you have enough food!


  7. Hi, we really like hearing about your adventure, Dad is tracking your progress whenever you are on the web page. It is really hot here lately., been overa 100 lat few days. Dad and I are signing up for a bus tour to the east coast that we had signed up for 3 years ago, then my knees went south, so we are trying it again,If we don’t do it now we probably never will. We leave on our anniversary the 24th so that is nice and two days after Ashely”s wedding. wish you could be here for the wedding. We are eating lots of cucumbers, onions, a few beans and peas. Hope to get some squash, and pumpkins later. The boys are winning their games they could take first place tomorrow if they win, they are pretty excited. Hope to hear from you again soon. LOVE MOM

  8. Ralph and Pat,

    I am Kathy Stafford’s sister and let me assure you, we think it was lack of oxygen at birth that anyone would mess with the bears and go to the extreme craziness of fishing only to throw them back into the water. Something isn’t right upstairs with these two!

    Kathy and I had some very serious discussions about what to do in the event a bear ate her and left her shoes behind!!

    Seriously, we really do hope they are having the time of their lives!

  9. I’m glad you’re back in the states safe and sound. I think of you two pretty much every day hoping that you’re safe. Sounds like thinks are going great though. I love reading about your adventures, and wishing I could be right there along side of you, maybe driving though;) Keep Safe! Love you both, Barb

  10. Wow! I finally had the time to try your site again with success. I’m in awe of all the expierences and sites you are discovering together.
    My other bike touring friend completed his trip across the states with alot of great pictures and simular stories.
    You guys are truely an insiration.
    I’ve been commuting to work on my bike all summer and catching some short tours on the weekend when I’m not hiking or camping.
    Miss you,
    peace and love,

  11. You two are AWESOME! Pat just how skinny are you?; and not to mention getting the dreaded beaver fever….na, I really just want to see some pictures. Just got back from Honolulu and thinking of you both Aloha Jim and Linda

  12. Hi! I spoke with Alicia last night and she said you all were doing well, glad to hear it. Sounds like a great adventure and I can’t wait to hear more. Take care.

  13. we are from long island n.y. we met you in lois’b@b in fairbanks a.k. in june. we are amazed at the trip you are taking by bike. we are happy to read that you met damian from argentina.(we met him in tok and told him about you).smooth roads and happy trails to you.

  14. It must feel wonderful to have covered so many miles. You guys are experiencing everything, including snow! I spent a season snowboarding in Steamboat and I must say it’s a great town. Hit up the hot springs and maybe even say hello to the guys who made your bikes. Stay safe, ride hard and I’ll keep following.

  15. Hey you guys, so good to hear from you! Sounds like all is going well and you are truly experiencing some good times! It’s been a beautiful Fall here with the early snow and now the warm temps again. As a skier and just breaking ground on my house I’m having some conflicting feelings about the weather but think I’ve concluded I’ll take the warm clear weather for another 6 weeks or so. Post new pictures, I’m dying to see how skinny you guys are:) Ride on friends!!

  16. Pat and Ralph, Just read your entire archives – wow, what an experience! Fabulous photos too. I can identify with the lady who said she was part envious and part relieved that she’s too old. Aren’t you saddle-sore?! Think I’d take the advice of the guy who suggested covering the distance in a small car – or maybe an RV. Your entries are fascinating – keep up the good work. As Grandad used to say: “Happy Trails!” God bless, Jenny

    by Jenny Daly November 6th, 2007 at 4:09 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  17. Hi,
    We heard you guys were doing this amazing trip and excited to see your blog. Wow! I loved the pictures and hearing about your adventures so far. You guys are in our prayers, Collin and Suzy

  18. So you guys deserve a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving…don’t suppose you know where that is going to be yet.
    The picteres were great!
    Happy thankgiving.

  19. ralph and pat,
    i have loved seeing your web site and keep up with your adventure. (I almost used the word progress but that makes it sound like your using gas and going from point A to point B. i have sat in the saddle long enough to know that the ride is about the ride and not much else – any way you always seem to make it to point B by the end of the day.) hope you had a nice thanksgiving where every you all spent it and whatever you may have eaten. we miss you, but i share your amazing story with as many people as i can. i don’t think you all are crazy as some of the relatives might but that you are on a life changing expedition. it’s something that we all crave to do and many of our forefathers did it by coming to this country as pilgrams, conquestadors, imagrants, trappers, miners and adventurers. my family arrived here as german ww2 draft dodgers and came to colorado in 1800’s because they were broke, land was free and the oil fields in rangley offered work. not too different from todays scenario for many others (too bad the lands not free anymore). maybe there is a little “Lewis and Clark” in all of us. another positive characteristic of the human condition.

    all the best,

    brad zeigel

  20. Hey, I hop this finds you well. I’m the guy who who made the burritos. When I left the Pancho Villa camp I went to The Guadalupe mountains to hike. While there I met a girl from the Chech republic who had started in Alska on her bike.I couldn’t help but be concerned about her safety, her being alone. Well anyhow, I predict the roads will soon be clogged with bicyclists heading South.Buenos suerta and keep us all informed. Bob

  21. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! We were just checking out your webpage. Just read the Copper Canyon section – it sounds amazing. You guys are a true inspiration! Keep up the great work on the webpage. We’ll be checking it frequently, and getting more & more jealous 🙂
    Happy Trails! Tino & Shannon

  22. merry christmas from el fuerte! hope y’all are doing well, and enjoying your trip. i loved your photos af canada and alaska–well, all of them–because they reminded me of my trip up north in the 90s. stay cool. peace


  23. Ralph and Pat – great article on both of you and your trip in the Jan. 4 Jamestown Sun. Sounds like you are enjoying the trip of a lifetime, your posts are full of energy and excitement. Good luck, stay safe and have fun!

  24. Wow…We just received the website. What a dream come true! Congratulations and hope you’re doing fine from your old Jamestown friends, Dan and Cindy

  25. Pat & Ralph; I’m WAY behind in keeping up with your trip…1st, my retirement from Co-op the 6th of Nov., then the Holidays, and a wonderful friend of mine in Longmont with last stages of cancer that is consuming my time. Anyway…it’s SO good to hear that you’re still on this wonderful trip…WOW!!
    I am so anxious to get back to your great discriptions of all the sights and sounds along the road. It’s SO cold here, I’m ready to head for TX, probably in Feb. and it can’t come soon enough!
    Think about you so often, and praying that God stay with you for the rest of your trip. Rita Jane

  26. just read your latest venture,m&m’s would say,WOW! 7,000 miles,you guys have guts,esp.w-tequila,ha!wish we were there, its -20 below many day here,now days will gaine 2-3 min/day,will help warm into spring.we look forward to global warming this far north you no-ehhh,we all pray for your saftey and success on the many roads ahead,love always,your brother mike & family

  27. Hola Pat and Ralph,

    How are you! It was great to meet you. I always get a little excited when I meet fellow cyclists, although this time I did not bring my bike.

    Seems like you impressed the whole bus and managed to keep up for quite some time, I think we have overtaken you two or three times.

    Let me finish with wishing that you may encounter many downhills and a lot of tailwind!!!
    You are another groupy richer.
    Stay safe.


  28. Hey long lost neighbors,
    just want you to know how much I look forward to each posting. I feel like I’m pedaling along,and I get hungry with all your meal descriptions. I can’t wait for your next chapters. Good luck,Huey

  29. Dear Ralph and Pat;
    This “insert” was wonderful! I’ve got my map out, and highlighted it all along…and 10,000 miles!! Congratulations! Just wondering…don’t you ever get sore legs? or more than legs…I can’t imagine the backaches you must get! Since I’m due for 2 knee replacements, just the thought of riding a bike just makes me hurt! (I got cortizone shots a week ago…the Dr. is trying to buy me some time, til fall or winter.) So I feel 75% better…hope it lasts for 3 months.
    Enjoy those beautiful pictures…I feel like I’m right there with you, without all the pain! This is better than watching the Travel Channel!!
    God bless you both, and I’m thinking safe thoughts of you and the next month of your epic ride! (I still have some “catch up” reading to do.)
    Keep on biking and enjoying it all!!
    Rita Jane

  30. Apreciados amigos:

    Imagino que se encuentran bastante lejos, para es grato decirles que su paso por Salamina Caldas fué un buen momento, les deseo toda la felicidad del mundo acompañados de gratas compañías.

    Quedan siempre invitados a visitar estas bellas tierras.

    Que su Dios les bendiga.

  31. Hola Pat and Ralph

    it was good meeting you in Huancayo/Peru. Thanks for the inspiring stories and conversation her. We were curious to see a little bit more of your adveture and went directly to this webpage and spend the remaining allowed 30 internet-minutes in this hostel with reading, watching photos and admiring you.

    Have a safe journey, hope to meet you again some day.

    Klaudia & Frank

  32. Good evening, friends. I just read your last entry, and must say…I’m SO impressed! you two are really something!
    I’m 2 weeks out of double knee replacement, and can’t wait for 2009 to get here. By then, I should be pretty much back to better than I was 5 yrs. ago. I still hurt from the incisions, but this pain, I know will go away! And of course, the more intense rehab still awaits me, after total healing in December.
    I have a couple of your entries to catch up on, so I hope this blog stays up for a long while…I’m a slow reader!
    Just can’t believe you’re doing this! God has been so good to you, and riding right alongside! Take care and we’ll be looking forward to more entries.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, where ever you find yourselves!
    Prayers…ritajane & Lloyd Moore

  33. Hey Dad…Can you do that standing on your left foot yet?

  34. Hi! and congratulations on your epic trip so far.We met you in Pinedale, Montana, and Pat rode with us a couple of days to Colorado. We are just now getting acqainted with the internet,so we can now follow you on your blog. I read about your stay in Pinedale and Ralph’s ride through the snow storms to Rock Springs.Glad we traveled through these blinding snow storms in our van.I can’t imagine a more physically demanding task than the both of you have attempted and accomplished to this point.May God’s blessings be with you as you finish your ride. Ann and Lloyd Posey.

  35. Pat & Ralph,
    i just read some of your lovely travels. i hope everything is fine for boh of you. me, i am now in San Rafael. , by the way, i stayed in hostel where we met for a week. but after a ride to Barrancas, my right leg, same point is having some sharp pain when i cycled that day. on the way to Bardas, i opted to hitch to Malargue. because, i don’t want to push my right leg to wok hard, strong wind wasn’t on my favor. anyway, hope to hear from you both.

  36. Dear Friends:
    Don’t you almost hate to start that last 500 miles of your trek? It’s like putting off reading the last pages/chapter of a good book; you know that it’ll be all over once you start!
    Again, I’m hoping this website will stay on for a good amount of time…as I still have a couple (few) entries to catch up on! Our home/farm will be on the market in a month, and I won’t have any extra time in the coming month(s) to do lots of reading, so please let me know if I need to find time to read, so as not to miss out!
    We hope you have a safe part of your last trip, it’s going to be sad when it’s all over! I feel like I’ve been right there with you, and I thank you for letting me ride along!!
    Rita Jane and Lloyd Moore

  37. Greetings Ralph and Pat. We are very impressed with your ability to navigate all this beautiful country and share it with us and your many friends. Thanks, Pat, for alerting us to each new episode. We plan to return to Montana, probably in the middle of June, returning to Arkansas in July. We hope to see you again at some point in time. Again, thanks for sharing with us,and may the Lord’s guiding hand be with you! Ann and Lloyd Posey.

  38. Hi Ralph and Pat,
    Congratulations!!!! You have finished what, I’m sure, many people only dream of. What a great adventure. We sure look forward to seeing you both again and hearing about your trip in person.
    We are still in Mexico – will be heading home mid April. If you have any plans to come to our neck of the woods some time, you are more than welcome to stay with us.
    Next year we may drive down to Mexico – possibly we could swing by and say hi.
    Congratulations again!!
    Doug and Ev

  39. hello,
    we are annick and bruno (with max), the french on bicycle; we met you in o higgins, and el calafate.
    now, weare in france, arrived in ushuaia 24 February.
    impossible to sent you a mail, always rejected;
    we plan to go cycling in alaska in june;
    we like to talk with you, because we want to buy bikes in U.s
    we hope you’ll answer

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