This is finally the crazy adventure that Ralph has dreamed about for the last 20 years.

We will be riding our bikes, the ones you peddle, yes you read it right,(that means no motors, no support) from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the tip of S. America as our plan.  We are taking our time and making it a 2 year trip because the goal is to enjoy the adventure of seeing the world, not necessarily stick to a schedule.

We will have a couple of non-profits we are supporting and encourage you to support us by donating towards these organizations also.

We hope you will enjoy reading our logs and would love to have people join us for segments of the trip, if you feel inspired to do so.  We will keep you posted about our progress and then you can choose your section to bike with us!!!  Just contact us at our e-mail or this site.

Bon Voyage!!!!!



  1. Happy pedaling. 🙂

  2. Hey!

    Congratulations on your awesome adventure!
    We wil keep in touch and watch for updates.

    Gayla Raaflaud and Lynn Young

  3. i am SO Jealous. I hope you post a ton of photos. We will miss you guys in the valley.

  4. Hey guys, Have the time of your lives! I’d love to join you some where. Let me know when you’re out of bear territory! ! I am completely jealous and look forward to hearing your about your adventures! Thanks for including me on the email! Pat, from one girl to another – you ROCK!

    Safe travels!


  5. Met Ralph and Pat on NW as they headed toward Fairbanks. Quite an exciting but dangerous ride they have planned on the Dalton. Best of luck. Judy

  6. How’s the trip going so far? Are you keeping up Pat? 😉 I sure wish that I could join you, but I know I would never be able to keep up with the 2 of you. Keep clear of bears! Is it warming up, up there? Is it dark or light all night? Stay safe, thinking of you!
    Love to both of you, Barb

  7. I can’t believe that you guys have been at it for 6 months already. I hope that you had a great anniversary and Thanksgiving. Think of you often. Happy trails. Barb

  8. Met you guys in Mata Ortiz and have thought of you often since then. Remember your electronic doctor and translator. I would be happy to help any way possible. Keep us posted

  9. merry christmas from el fuerte! hope you are doing well and enjoying your trip–oh, another firecracker, sounded like a bomb–stay cool. peace


  10. Pat and Ralph

    It was great to meet you on the beach (Los Cerritos) just after Christmas. It was only a short chat, but we were struck by the cliche of a small world. We chose not to park down by the busy end of the beach, which meant walking by your tent, giving us the opportunity to chat. The fact that you had been through Smithers earlier this year – well, it IS a small town, and we actually have a map of BC on the back of our personal cards that show where it is – for when people ask!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Mexico.

    !Buena Suerte!

    Robin & John

  11. Hey Ralph & Pat:
    Just wanted to say thanks for helping so much with the “Emergency in Akumal” last week. My stitches are already out and after more testing here…no explanation for what occured. Just working on getting those bills translated and converted for the insurance company! You’re in my thoughts.Be safe.

  12. Aloha Pat and Ralph!

    I’ve made it back to Tulum Mexico after my seven or so weeks of traveling…and decided to stay here a couple more months!

    During my time in Oaxaca city I ran into a guy who was traveling on his motorycle, named Frederick..he was from Sweden. Is this the same guy you told me about? He sold the bike to a guy from Germany who is taking it down to Columbia for the year. I took some photos of them and will send them to you as well as the ones of us in San Cristobal. ( I will put them on my flickr as well).

    Mahalo for all of your inspiration and happy travels!

    Oh Pat…I ran into the book you were reading on the bus, it was my epiphany to stay here longer…thanks!

    Much bliss,

  13. You guys rock! I have a page on my blog: my heroes: Ralph and Pat. My only regret swapping my bike for the motorcycle is not being able to ride more with you. ‘m in Managua, Nicaragua, heading south shortly. Will be sure to catch up soon. Cheers


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