New Pictures!!

March 12, 2008

Agave stabbin Ralph ( Tequila!!)Pat banking a corner!Mitla church built on top of Mayan ruinesDancers in Oaxacap3080262.jpgp3050176.jpgSmokin´Volcan Popocolored sawdust paintings on street

Here are a few pictures from our last 2 weeks of riding!  We are getting our own computer soon, so should be able to give you more pictures then!  Enjoy!!!



  1. Great photos- still snowing here! Syd and Aim just got back from Mexico; haven’t really talked to them. What are your plans for April/May- in other words are you going to Belize or where? Bets

  2. I’m glad you have fellow biking buddies! I rode my cruiser around the block the other day- I know, don’t laugh. We had another 20 inches of snow 2 days ago.
    I sure believe those contrasts about Mexico! Betsy

  3. Hey Pat and Ralph!
    We love keeping up with your adventures. Hope all your birthday wishes come true, Pat.
    May the wind stay at your back.

  4. Hi,
    I am a dear friend of Audrey & Chuck Belotte. They told me about your trip. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy and keep safe. Eleanor in Los Angeles, California

  5. we met you in Guanajuato and we were all having a great time. i have a
    photo that was taken of us on the steps and if i can send it along with this
    I will. I heard on TV that there were hard feelings about “sock dumping” with
    the U.S. that may account for the stone throwing in Honduras. hope it all goes smoothly. Happy Trails. Audrey from British Columbia
    nope cant include the photo. maybe later on

  6. Pat And Ralph- I’ve been tracking your progress from ND. Exciting stuff. Your old friend MJP in Grand Junction has been trying leave a message in support of your adventure. Maybe you could drop him a note.[movertorque@aol.com]. Yvonne and I are doing well. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Jack

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