Choix to Todos Santos (12/13/07-1/2/08)

January 2, 2008


After a few relaxing days in beautiful El Fuerte (lots of great old colonial buildings that are being restored), and meeting fellow travelers Joanna from South Africa and Anna and Chris from Belgium at Hotel Guererro, and Kelly at 3 Amigos, we pedaled the 65 (flat!) miles to the coast, where we caught the midnight ferry across the Sea of Cortez to La Paz on the Baja. We landed early in the morning on Ralph’s 51st birthday (had cake on the ferry!), had breakfast at a beach café, rode through La Paz, the east on a deserted highway to the coast. We got to a little town after dark and set up camp on the beach in the moonlight. The peaceful waves splashed us to sleep.

Over the next few days we took a four-wheel drive road along the coast, climbing, dropping, and weaving in and out of small canyons, always emerging onto the coast with awesome beach views. The beaches started out as gravel but we came across more and more sand beaches (and more and more development) until we pedaled into Los Barriles, the wind surfing capital. From there south the road was mostly flat, dirt, or sand.

We had to make big mileage to get to Cabo in time to meat daughter Crystal and sister Lin, so we put in several big days, but saw some incredible white sand beaches along the way, scoping out places for our return trip when we have more time to camp and enjoy. The last night we camped at a public beach, under the palapas and the ever enlarging moon. We thought we had put the tent far away enough from the water but woke up in the morning with wet sand next to our tent. A wave had come within three inches of our tent – almost swept out to sea!

We rolled into San Jose del Cabo around noon on Friday after some big rolling hills in the heat and found our new home for the weak – the Mira Vista resort on the beach where as Pat put it, we took a relaxing vacation from our strenuous vacation. We spent the days swimming, body surfing, laying in the sun, and the three ladies even went parasailing! After Lin left we rented a car and continued touring the Baja. Pat’s trip was made seeing whales and baby sea turtles that had just hatched.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you the very best New Year!

Bike On – Ralph and Pat



  1. I was just remembering and talking about Ralph’s 50 birthday today. Happy Birthday Ralph and Happy New Year to the both of you!

  2. Glad to know you got to the coast and passed through El Fuerte. Always anxious to get the news and will await info on your intended route with baited breath!
    Best wishes for superb adventures and wonderful surprises in the new year!

    PS….I’ve got rollers set up in my office.


  3. Congratulations on your third country. Now that you’re in Mexico I’d love to see an enlarged map with your path. I’m glad to see you’re still enjoying the trek. Did you ever hear from the Swiss couple in Haines? They should be almost done by now.

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