Silver City, NM to Columbus, NM 11-10-07 thru 11-17-07

November 28, 2007


We stayed in Silver City 4 days. The day we arrived was our 28th Anniversary!! We celebrated by WALKING to a wonderful Mediterranean-style restaurant. We were camped in an RV park that was right in the center of town so it was convenient to all the services we needed. The campground was mostly RV campers, some permanent and some ¨Snowbirds¨. The days were warm, around 65 degrees but nights were very long beginning at 5:30 and dropping to about 40 degrees F (luckily the campground had a nice warm shower and laundry room to hang out in that was heated)!

Bike supplies arrived from our daughter, Alicia, via general delivery. It was time to replace all tires and put in sealant for tubeless tires. Also, we now need to carry more extra bike parts, because repairs and replacement in Latin America will be hard to find. At the campground we met John, from east coast, who was just finishing a hike from Glacier Nat´l Park to the Mexican border along the Continental Divide which is approx. 2500 miles (later we met a couple, Donna and Hue, who had just finished the same hike). Camping near us, was another couple from Santa Fe, Chess and Allison who were travelling for a year while looking for a new place to call home. Congratulations to John, Donna and Hue for the completion of a very long hike (they started the same time we did in June and were able to walk about half the distance we biked in 5 months time — now that sounds very hard to us!) and good luck to Chess and Allison on finding your ideal new place!

From Silver City we rode only 52 miles to Demming, New Mexico and the next day we rode to Columbus, which is 3 miles from the Mexican border. We stayed at a very beautiful State Park, ´´Poncho Villa¨, which had awesome cactus gardens everywhere. (CHECK OUT THE NEW PICTURES POSTED AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR U.S. PICTURES TAB!) On Saturday, Nov. 17th we got up and made a great pork chop and egg breakfast, thinking we were getting ready to finally leave the U.S. Well, by the time we packed up and talked to all the friendly camping neighbors who wanted to know all about our trip, it was noon! One of our neighbors, Diane said, ¨Why don´t you leave your tent here and ride 3 miles across the border to Palomas and take this coupon for 2 free margaritas at a place called the Pink Store, then stay here tonight and start early tomorrow!?!¨ Needless to say, our arms were easily twisted and we took her suggestion. The Pink Store is a great place to buy souvenirs that are brought in from all over Mexico and to get a taste of some great authentic Mexican food!!! We biked back to Poncho Villa right at sunset (awesome in the desert with the cactus in the foreground), set up camp again, and got to bed early so we could try to get an early start the next day! We did make an early start, after a pancake breakfast the park put on for all the campers and a man named Robert sent us off with some burritos he had made!(Thank you very much, they got us thru most of the day so we were able to just keep peddling!)

See you in Mexico!!

Bikin´ On, Ralph & Pat


One comment

  1. How come you are wearing shorts and T-shirts in Alaska, and coats and head bands near Mexico??!!
    We look forward to following your progress through the south. We will be in Rincon (just north of Puerta Vallarta on the coast) from Feb 13th to March 31st if you are in the area at that time – let us know and will let you know our exact location.
    We will be changing our e-mail address next week so will let you know what it is as we want to keep in touch.

    Have fun,

    Doug and Ev

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