Truth or Consequences, NM to Silver City, NM (5,000 Miles)

November 13, 2007

We forgot to mention in our last update that “T or C” was the 5000 mile mark for our trip!!!!!  We ended taking a few extra days and really soaking up the mineral springs there.  “Riverbend Springs” in T or C, is a great little place to stay and relax, if you are going that way.  It was a pre-Mexico de-stress spot –  hammocks, pilapulas and a laid-back, slow pace!We pulled our soggy bodies away from the hot springs finally on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.  We pedalled north and west to a little town called Winston where we found a small general store and filled our tummies with some homemade BBQ beef on a bun.   We had to bike about 15 more miles to get to a forest service area to camp, which we got to right at dark (5:05 now!).  Wow, we don’t have much time to bike now and it is pretty cold as soon as the sun goes down — OH, MEXICO— we’ll be there soon!

The next day started out with a nice paved road across rolling terrain, with views of the tree-covered mountains we were heading towards.  We then turned onto a gravel road and headed south to our campsite.  After a long climb uphill and then a very steep descend down we arrived at “Upper Black Canyon” campground.  (We didn’t understand the “Upper” part in the name, because we were definitely WAY down in a canyon).  There was a running stream here and we were able to get water, which was the first stream that actually had water in it since we arrived in New Mexico!

The following day was a very hard climb out of Black Canyon and then down another canyon and out of that canyon and down another and on and on.  (You get the idea!)   As we were riding hill after hill, we were contemplating what a nice warm shower would feel like and Pat commented that she would love it if our host had chocolate-chip cookies baked for us.   We were glad to finally arrive at our host from “Warm Showers” place, who’s name was also Pat, and found out she had a really nice warm RV for us to stay in for the night and offered us pork sandwiches and, you guessed it, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!  (She knows what bikers like, because her family is also into biking!) She also sent a large bag along for the ride!   (Don’t think they lastest more than a day!)  Thank you to Pat for your great hospitality – we will stay in touch, and hope we had helpful tips for your son’s bike trip.

After pedaling over hill after hill, again, but only 18 miles, we arrived in Silver City the following day.  We checked into an RV park right downtown to have the conviences we needed for the next few days!  We have made many new friends here and have listened to their adventures from summer 2007 and shared our summer adventure!  Chess and Allison, John and his dog, Hue and Donna, we wish you all the best on the rest of your trips!

We take many memories of good times with the freinds we’ve met and now are feeling anxious to go on to the next leg of our trip——MEXICO!   When we get there, we’ll toast a margarita to everyone reading this and don’t know when the blog will be updated next (because of the remote northern part of Mexico we will be in until mid-December)!

Until then, Adios!  Bicicleta Sobre — Ralph & Pat 


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  1. Hope your wheels are still round and your knees are still willing. You picked a good year to skip winter in CO, since it appears to be alluding us completely now. Our October snow is gone and it looks grim, but the biking is still great. Bueno trails to you!

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