Antonito, Co to Santa Fe, NM – WINTER HITS AGAIN!!!

October 25, 2007

WINTER HIT US AGAIN – THIS TIME IN ANTONITO, COLORADO!   Sunday, October 21, it looked like a midwinter blizzard from our warm motel room, so we spent a day reading, plotting our course, catching up on our journals and watching movies! 

Monday brought sunshine, no wind and melting snow, so we packed up to leave.  Just as we were ready to leave Antonito, we got information from our newfound, biker informant, Linda, from New Mexico.  We decided to take her advice (Thanks Linda!) and head south into New Mexico instead of west into the high country.  The route really turned out to be pretty.  The broad, flat San Luis Valley turned into gently rolling hills that gradually became more wooded.  It was brisk riding, so we ended the day by soaking in the Ojo Caliente HOT SPRINGS – AAAHH!!!  (We made a great choice, and summer is just ending here, with the leaves all magically back on the trees and some just turning color!)  Hopefully, no more WINTER!!

The next day we pedalled further south through the georgeous little town of Teseque and on into Santa Fe.  We’ve spend several days in Santa Fe enjoying the 65-70 degree weather, getting our shots for Latin America and getting to know our host and friends Allen and Daisy. 

We plan to head south from here and cross the New Mexico/Mexico border at Antelope Wells!  Hope your still biking on with us!  Until next time –  Ralph & Pat 


One comment

  1. You were great guests! Enjoyed your visit and hearing about all of your adventures. We will keep following your progress on the web site.

    Alan and Daisy

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