Prince George, BC to Jasper

August 14, 2007

Well, the only good part about Prince George was that they had a swimming pool and no mesquitoes!!!  Other than that, Pat ended up seeing the doctor and getting antibiotics and we hung out for 3 days.  She was so sick, she couldn’t even use the exercise bike at the motel – now that’s sick!

We left Prince George on Thursday the 9th in the late afternoon and biked only about 35 miles to a Provincial Campground on a lake with lots of tall pinetrees all around, so thick you could not see the lake.  The next day we biked another 65 miles and stopped at another Provincial CG on a lake with tall trees all around.  Now you get an idea of the scenery around these parts.  Lots of trees, lots of lakes you can’t see! 

Woke up to rain again on Saturday, so by now our tent has not been dry for at least 2 weeks!!  At least, did I mention, no mesquitoes, well maybe one every hour or so, but you can’t even count that!!  Headed East to a small town called McBride that is within view of the “Rocky Mountains”.  Wow, a scenery change finally.  Feels like we are getting close to Colorado! 

Sunday and Monday we continued on to the town of Jasper, which is at the North end of Jasper National Park.  Scenery is spectacular, with snow capped peaks coming into town, and even some fresh snow up high already!!  Guess we better bike a little faster now as it looks like “Winter” may come early in the Rockies!

We plan to head south from here thru Banff and Glacier and then on the “Great Divide Route”.  Our friend Mark is joining us soon for a month or so of riding and we are wondering where everyone else is???  When are you joining us????  Let us know and we’ll pencil you into our busy schedule!

Bikin’ On,  Ralph & Pat     P.S. Check out our new slide show/photos on this website!


One comment

  1. Glad to hear you are better Pat. Jasper is a great place with fantastic scenery -as it is all the way down to Lake Louise and Banff.

    Have fun.

    Doug and Ev

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