Hyder,AK to Prince George,BC

August 9, 2007

On the 27th we woke up to fog and drizzle. We walked on the Hyder pier- it was the perfect thing to do, it seemed almost mystical. After the rain stopped, we reluctantly packed up and left Hyder. We rode back along the Glaicer Highway to Meziadin Junction. The cloud cover was low, so it wasn’t as spectacular as on the way in, but still beautiful. We camped once again at Meziadin Jct campground (oh darn! It’s one of the most beautiful campgrounds we’ve ever seen!). I made Ralph’s Epic Oatmeal once again. I’m not an oatmeal lover, but I’ve learned to jazz it up a bit. Try this on for size:

2 cups quick oatmeal

1 tbsp coconut powder

1 cup pitted dates

1/2 cup golden raisins

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

Add all ingredients except oatmeal to 3 cups water, bring to a boil, add oatmeal, stir, add salt if desired, and DIG IN!

While we were having breakfast, we talked to a couple from Calgary. When they left she said something I will never forget: “Bon voyage and have a great trip. I’m partially envious and partially relieved that I’m old enough not to have to do it!”

We biked south (mostly in the rain) along the last stretch of the Cassier, stopping along the way to see a fish ladder built in the early 1900s and also a native village to view about 20 authentic totem poles, then east on the Yellowhead Highway. We stayed for two days with Ron and Elisa, folks we had met earlier in Dease Lake that had told us to stop in when we went thru Hazelton. Wow, this was the best camping spot yet, right next to a waterfall on their land! They were wonderful, hospitable people that opened their home to us and even made us meals! Thanks Ron and Elisa!! We plan to hook up with them again in Chili, toward the end of our trip.

After leaving our newfound friends behind, we took the back road thru beautiful rolling high country dairy farmland with glacier views as the backdrop (we’re finally able to get off pavement) to Smithers, a great little town, with a Bavarian flair and very friendly people. Then on more forestbackroads to the logging town of Houston, where we got invited to stay at Naomi and Lavender’s log lodge on a lake. Was perfect timing to get us out of a huge rainstorm! We dined by candlelight at the longest table I’ve ever seen ( Pat at one end and me at the other, nearly 20′ between us). Once again, very generous new friends- Thanks to you both!

The next several days we biked along Francios Lake, then along logging roads and back up to the highway. From there we arrived in Prince George on Sunday the 5th of August. We are here a few days, while Pat is eating jello pudding and I’m enjoying Porkchops with cranberries!! Actually, she has an intestinal bug she caught, they call “Beaver Feaver”. Hopefully she’ll be well enough to ride tomorrow.
From here we are headed East to Jasper.

Until then, Bike On, Ralph & Pat



  1. It doesn’t surprise me that you guys meet so many wonderful people on your journey considering that you are two of the most wonderful, caring people I know. Love you both, and “Keep on Bike’n” Barb
    PS hope you’re feeling better Patty!

  2. Hope you are feeling better Pat. We had a great three days at Banff – biking and hiking. We were really disapointed that we missed you, but we continue to follow your progress.

    May the skies stay clear for you!

    Doug and Ev

  3. Pat, if beaver fever is giardia get some sulfa pills from a doctor right away dont eat sugar or much starch for a few days and take pepto-bismol! if it goes for more than a couple days you’ll get weak and sick. I let mine go because I didn’t know what it was at first and it took a while to get my appetite back and feel strong again. the sulfa pills start working in a few hours. knock it out right away and you’ll be fine in a few days. see you son, mark.

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