Fairbanks to Tok, AK

June 25, 2007

While in Fairbanks getting necessary supplies and bike repairs, we ran into 2 friends from Carbondale, (it’s a small world).  We decided not to bike thru Danali but instead headed southeast on the Richardson Hwy toward Haines, AK. 

We spent the next couple days following the Tanana River.  Mostly flat, boreal (also spelled boring) forest, and straighter hiways then in North Dakota!! 

Just outside of Delta Jct, we met a 68 year old man named Danny from Isreal biking solo from Whitehorse to Fairbanks.  He had had a horrendous crash several days before, in which he had gotten knocked unconscious and badly scraped up.  Nevertheless, he was in great spirits and we talked to him a long time along the side of the road.  We were very impressed with his ambition! 

We biked alongside the Alaska range, finally can see some Mountains again!  We stopped in Tok and took a day off to eat and rest.  Today we went to the “Grumpy Grizz Cafe” and ran into 2 more friends from Carbondale!  ( The world’s getting smaller yet!)

Sunsets around 12:30 AM now and rises by 2:30, so we need to get ourselves on track here and get to bed so we can start biking early in the AM!  It is still light all night tho!  Makes the days seem really long!

Bikin On! Ralph & Pat



One comment

  1. Awesome blog guys! Cranking out centuries by day four on 85lb bikes and fueling up on reindeer and bacon! You guys are hardcore! Looking forward to reading your future reports on the EPIC of all epics.

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