Coldfoot, AK

June 14, 2007

We are now on day 6 and we are halfway to Fairbanks. The snow melted just in time for us to make our way through. We are staying in Coldfoot tonight. So far we have had great weather! We have not seen any bears! We should be in Fairbanks in 4-5 days!



  1. Hey Patty and Ralph this is Riley good luck on climbing the rest and be safe.

  2. glad to hear all is going well for you and the weather isgood. dad wants to know if it stays light all nite? we have had lots of rain still. we hope you have a camera along so you can send some picrures. How is the riding going ? we are learning alot about where everything is in alaska. Dad wants to know if you will go on the highway when you get to fairbanks. love & prayers mom &dad

  3. We are so excited for both of you. What an adventure! We hope that everything is going okay on this first leg of the journey. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day! Love, Kristi, Mike, Ethan, Hannah and Abby

  4. First time to see your sight, we have had internet problems since we are back in the house. Looking forward to seeing more pics. We have been getting the rain so it’s clear for you. Praying safety and God’s speed. Phyll & Jim

    I didn’t want to send a card, I thought it might weigh you down! Hope you have a wonderful day…even though we can’t be together.
    Love, Alicia

  6. Aloha, We are soooo excited about all your adventures, I can hardly stand it, wish we could share in the experience. Riding all night is pretty exciting to Jim (without even having a light). A bad day riding is way better than a good day at work…..I miss you Pat!!!!! Gunnison is so low key and a better lifestyle for me and the dogs. Alicia has been so helpful with the refinance etc. and I think I have found a cute place to buy. I will keep you posted….Love Jim and Linda

  7. ralph and pat, read all your commentary today, thankyou 100 times for writing these! its not as good as doing it but i canreally identify with your experiences having done some LD biking/hiking. my internet srvice is slow here/ouray will find wifi next visit so can download photos. looks very good for me to ride in sept. srry to miss alaska. you made my day! things going really well at gallery. mark. see you soon!

  8. hi, did you get my last e-mail about dates, passport, etc.? mark

  9. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Jack

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